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Improving these 3 things will give your social media designs an edge!

Updated: May 3, 2021

I'm connected with almost all of my clients on social media. Since most of them are new in business and just have started building their social media presence, I see them make a lot of mistakes when posting new posts.

So here are some things you guys can improve while designing your social media posts. Some of you might find these things very basic, so consider these as simple reminders.

1. Not following your brand guidelines

Huge mistake guys! I see lots of you designing your posts with different fonts and colours, totally ignoring your brand ethos and design style. Your audience should recognize your post at a single glance, that’s what you should aim for! It will happen only if you keep a consistent design style.

Hot Tip:

A simple tool like Canva can help you with it, but you will need to be slightly creative and disciplined. If you are using Canva for designs, Go to the Brand Kit tab and upload your brand colour codes and fonts. You will be able to access it easily while editing the designs.

2. You keep the Text size the same for everything

Keep your paragraph text small in size. Give proper space between the lines. If you want to highlight a certain aspect, make it a heading or subheading.

Also, keeping your headings 2x the size of paragraph text will make your design look slick. Of course, you can experiment, but don't make it look messy.

Keep the right amount of spaces from all the sides. Your text should not touch the corners at any cost unless it's a bold design style that you have adopted. Aligning your text to one side and keeping the heading and paragraph adjusted to the same alignment will help.

Hot Tip:

Notice how the newspaper article layout is designed. See the text sizes, see the spaces between the different sections- heading, subheading and paragraphs!

3. Your posts are full of text

Nobody will read a whole paragraph written on a single image post. Either convert it into a carousel to accumulate more text or simply keep the text short and impactful. Conveying a lot through very little text is an art.

Hot Tip:

Please see this advertisement by Apple. Notice how much text they keep in the ad design and how they write about their most exciting feature in just a line or two.

Image credit: Apple Inc.

Well, I hope this helped. I'll bring more blog posts like these when I find you doing something wrong! The intention is always to make you better at these things. Small improvements go a long way. Cheers!


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