• Vinay Mundhe

Choose Social Media Over Your Website!

Hi guys, so here's the thing! If you are just starting your business, I'll suggest you work more on social media rather than a website.

I know, a website is a home for all of your offerings. Also, It can be an important aspect of your lead magnet and funnel. But social media will open a lot of doors for you especially when you are just taking off with your business.

Here's why I think so-

1. 48% of the world population is now on social media

This significant number gives an idea that people are more likely to stumble upon your social media page rather than your website. Think of how often you have checked out a random business's social media post vs. a random business's website!

2. In 2021, avg time spent on social media is whooping 2.5 hours

It's easy to grab a piece of your audience's attention than to get them on your website directly. People are glued to their phones and social media is one big reason. Now make use of that information!

3. 73% of marketer believe that social media marketing has been effective for their business

The best thing, audience targeting! Social media is way better in making sure your ad reaches the most relevant audience. Compare that with a flyer posted on a railway station platform!

4. Buyers are looking at social media pages for reviews, recommendations and authenticity!

Think of it yourself.. where did you come across a new brand recently? Most probably on social media! Now, if that brand has a stellar social media presence with professional and authentic posts, you are more likely to think positively about them.

If your business is related to online space, a positive experience created on social media can give you a positive word of mouth and ROI.

Okay, enough talking! Here's a thing to try right now-

Try finding new ways to connect with your existing buyers on social media. Create positive vibes about your products and services. And, let us know in the comments, what successful strategies you have found effective on your social media?



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